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Are you living an authentic life?  Or Do you put on a mask in public to hide the real you?  As the seasons change, let change in.  As we spring clean, detox, and declutter —maybe shed the layers on inauthenticity.  Shed insecurities, ego, societal expectations, self imposed limits —allow yourself to be vulnerable.  Compassion starts with being compassionate to oneself.  Allow your true self to shine. 

I went thru another training yesterday, the first half was life coaching.  One of the exercises was to write yourself a love letter.  I suggest everyone give it a try!! The challenge is out there —write yourself a love letter!  If you share yours I’ll share mine… :) #atman #autheticself #mentaldetox #yoga #yogi

"So please ask yourself: What would I do if I weren’t afraid? And then go do it."

- Sheryl Sandberg (Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead)

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Tonight 830pm Restorative yoga!!! if you can make it -I’m at CorePower Yoga Illinois Uptown 4428 N Broadway St, Chicago! 

Bring your pillows or blankets! Tonights meditative focus is Wholeness.

Affirmation: I am whole. I am complete. The light within radiates. With every breath I shed the layers of society’s judgment and self judgment. With every breath I shed perceived deficiencies. Everything I want and need already exists within me. #yoga #yogiwisdom #yogachicago #meditation #affirmations
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Life is happening right now!! The problem with people is you think you have time - time to live some perfect life.  We are all intuitive, it’s whether or not we choose to listen.  Love yourself, create a life you love. Stop waiting. Thanks to @motivationblog for the pic. #repost #motivation #happyhealthy #santosha #contentment
#wiaw Big breakfast.  2 egg scramble w bell peppers & mushrooms. #glutenfree brown rice English muffin w a ton of #kerrygold butter & no sugar added strawberry jam (not to be confused w sugar free).  Homemade vanilla latte w almond milk, full fat coconut milk, & stevia. #eatreal #eatclean #igfood #whatiatewednesday #jerf #nomnom #nomeattoday #flexatarian #nodiet
@nutritionyoucantrust “Transformation Tuesday #transformyourfood Edition.. and check this out fitfam, have you seen this? This image has been floating around the internet.. it’s a warning label on GMO seeds.. take a look at the red caution letters. Thought it was an #eyeopener to share and be aware of.

I’ve talked in previous posts about how we have 3 labels on foods.. 2 that we see (macros and ingredients list) and the other, most important one, we do not see. It is invisible because by law it does not need to be labeled: the source and how food was raised and grown. 
This is like an example of the 3rd label, except this is on the farmer’s seeds given to them.. You and I would never see a warning label like this by the time it gets to the store shelf for purchase.

Any wonder why we don’t have labels for GMOs in the US (yet we do in 60+ other countries).. who would knowingly eat “seeds treated with poison”? Think about this for second.. hypothetically let’s pretend the 3rd label does exist.
So you’re looking at, let’s say, a box of cereal.. and you’re reading the calories, carbs, etc., then below that checking out the ingredients list.. then finally as you’re making your way down the side of the box, you get to the bottom and see in red caution letters it says something like “some ingredients in this product from foods treated with poison”. #rad That’s when my hand moves in a forward motion back towards the shelf and not my cart.
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Double tap and tag a friend who needs to be aware of the 3rd label!
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Label source: Robyn O’Brien, author of The Unhealthy Truth (recommended read).” via @PhotoRepost_app
Common injury in yoga is pain in the wrists.  In all weight baring poses, especially down dog, if you roll all your weight back toward the wrist you will hurt your wrists.  Factor in repetitive motion and you will have a full blown injury.  Consider these tips in the info graph and press into “L” of your hands, transfer the pressure forward & distributing the weight.

If you suspect an injury is brewing, better to baby it - opt to modify or skip any postures that causes pain.  Down dog modify with dolphin, plank/side plank modify with forearm plank/side plank.  Seriously damaging your wrist is possible, listen to your body and avoid going where it doesn’t want to go. #yoga #yogachicago #namaste #infograph #injuries #alignment #honorthebody
I’m not a vegan, but this shake is.  Chocolate cherry protein shake: raw cacao powder, cherries, hemp protein, almond milk, @eatnuttzo, coconut butter, and raw coconut crisps to garnish. #eatreal #eatclean #breakfast #flexatarian #nomeattoday #igfood #instayummy
Just purchased these on etsy for my front desk girl.  She’s moving back to the east coast and she’s worried that she won’t have a yoga community like she does in Chicago. 😕 Hamsa is a symbol of protection against the evil eye (read people’s bad energy/judgement/envy/ignorance).  She’s a happy and hopeful girl and I hope she stays that way. Wish her luck and prosperity on this next chapter in her life. #hamsa #yoga #yogajewlery #evileye